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Loan Scenarios

The estimated savings is calculated over a 7-year period utilizing the following Affinity FHA loan scenario and includes both interest and fees savings: home purchase in the state of New Jersey with a Loan-To-Value of 96.5%, Loan Amount= $350,000, Payment of $1,405.78, Interest Rate= 2.625%, Single Family, Primary Residence, FICO= 650, Term= 30yr. APR=2.75%, average savings is $14,643. PAYMENT DOES NOT include 3rd party fees, such as title insurance, appraisal, tax service, escrow and other such fees in which the lender does not profit and are passed directly through to the borrower. All fees are detailed in the Loan Estimate. Individual savings may vary based on credit score, Loan-To-Value, location, and loan amount, and is subject to loan requirements underwriting and approval. Marketing Approval: January 2021.

Cumulative Interest Savings

loan assumptions 1 .png
Screenshot 2021-01-27 171505 2021.png
Cumulative int savings chart_20-21.png

*Marketing Approval: January 2021 

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